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Birthstones & Beyond "It Fits" Ring Clear Quartz

Birthstones & Beyond "It Fits" Ring Clear Quartz

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Birthstones & beyond! This faceted gemstone in a prong setting adds color to any outfit. The dainty and lightweight design makes it easy to wear and easy to stack. Available in all birthstones.

• Precious .925 sterling silver with yellow gold plating
• Expandable and fit flexible band
• Fits finger sizes 5-9

Birthstones & Beyond

Stones and their meanings simplified!

GARNET - January, vitality, loyalty, protection

AMETHYST - February, sincerity, balance, peace

AQUA CHALCEDONY (Aquamarine) - March, courage, inner peace

CLEAR QUARTZ (Diamond) - April, bonding love, longevity

GREEN ONYX (Emerald) - May, happiness, prosperity, protection

ALEXANDRITE - June, friendship

RUBY - July, passion, energy

PERIDOT - August, compassion, healing, harmony

SAPPHIRE - September, intuition, creative expression

PINK TOURMALINE - October, imagination, creativity

CITRINE - November, centering, grounding

AQUA QUARTZ (Zircon) - December, order, peace, expression